Winter Wedding In New Orleans

Elopement + Wedding Weekend

From a Fall elopement in Austin to a Winter wedding in New Orleans, Agneta and Tim's journey culminated in a magical blend of intimacy and celebration. They chose a private vow exchange, symbolizing their deep personal commitment, followed by a fun-filled wedding weekend in the vibrant heart of New Orleans. The rehearsal dinner was held at Mother of Pearl, a quaint bistro nestled in the historic Riverbend neighborhood, offering a cozy and charming atmosphere that set the tone for the festivities.

The welcome party elevated the excitement, taking place at the Dreamboat, the Virgin Hotel's rooftop bar. This venue provided breathtaking views of the city, creating a glamorous and lively setting for guests to mingle and celebrate. The rooftop, adorned with elegant decor and ambient lighting, was the perfect backdrop for the start of their wedding celebration.

The wedding itself was held at the esteemed New Orleans Museum of Art, an iconic location that added a touch of sophistication and grandeur to their special day. Surrounded by stunning art and beautiful gardens, Agent and Tim exchanged their vows in a setting that was both romantic and culturally rich.

This luxury destination wedding was not just an event, but a journey through love, culture, and celebration. Each location, from the intimate bistro to the grand museum, was carefully chosen to reflect the couple's unique story and to provide an unforgettable experience for their guests. The blend of private moments and public celebration encapsulated the essence of their love, making Agent and Tim's wedding a truly remarkable and memorable event.

Elopement in Austin, TExas

Welcome Party

Rehearsal Dinner at Mother of Pearl

Wedding Day at NOMA