New Orleans Destination Wedding

New Orleans, LA

Experience the captivating charm of Elizabeth and Drew's wedding weekend in New Orleans through this collection of moments. Their celebration commenced with a sophisticated rehearsal dinner on the rooftop of The Ritz-Carlton, offering panoramic views of the city skyline. The festivities continued with a lively welcome party in the hotel's picturesque courtyard, marrying the luxury of The Ritz-Carlton with the vibrant spirit of New Orleans. The highlight was the wedding day at the esteemed New Orleans Museum of Art, where the couple exchanged their vows surrounded by art and elegance. The reception that ensued was a grand celebration, reflecting the unique essence of New Orleans and the joy of Elizabeth and Drew's union. This collection captures the unforgettable experiences and emotions of their special day in the Big Easy.

Welcome Party at The Ritz Carlton New Orleans Courtyard

Rehearsal Dinner at The Ritz Carlton New Orleans Rooftop

Wedding Day